OLympıa Tree House& Campıng  

Welcome To Cirali

Cirali is just the place for people seeking different atmosphere and alternative traveling. Cirali meets  you  with  trees, flowers  and plants  changing  in every season and Carettas-sea turtles coming from thousands of miles. Cirali beach is about  3.2 kilometers long   and water is very clear. There is  no pollution. Around Cirali there are mythological  mountains  covered by   forest, and  fantastic  bays being used in ancient times. You may see eternal fire Khimeare and city of freedom, sun and heroes Olympos in Cirali. Cirali , fortunately , is  a nature and historical conservation area. Guests visiting Cirali may contribute conservation by not prefering stone buildings and luxuries. Contructions being made just purposing much tourism and profit are destroying gradually this facinating mythological and natural environment. Our consciousness as a visiting individual does have much influence on this matter

To be a bird

İt is not necessary to be bird or Leopard to get pleasure sleeping in tree house. Jack London says "we had lived on trees before in prehistoric times. The sensation of falling down from height ,when we are passing to the deep stage of dream, may be related to our genetic background.



You may smell the scent of oranges bloom in spring. İt is surprising that you do not need air -conditioned room , some times you need blanket even though in August because of natural air conditioner coming from the stream and forest



Eternal Fire

You may see Chmeria in Cirali, It is one mile away,tempor.



Olympia Tree House & Camping