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Lykia- Country of Gods, Heroes and Sun



They lived between the gulfs of Fethiye and Antalya and tried to keep their freedom and democracy.The democracy model of Lykia Union consisted of 23 cities   was being the inspiration resources of American constitution. Each city used to govern the union for certain period of time.They had enemies both west and east side, they took Troia's side against Akha. When Persians surrounded their capital Ksanthos they put woman ,children everybody in to the castle and fired everything, fighted against the enemy and were killed. Homereus mentions about Ksanthos in Iliad epic.


  akdere Olympus is a big city of Lykia civilization.This city is one of the most impressive ruins in anatolia. İt takes  a few minutes walking from Cirali. Prometheus stole the fire from Zeus and brought it to human.Zeus wanted to revenge from Prometheus and ordered Hephositos to create Pandora.There is a temp for  dedicating Hephositos.